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We are a small and young entrepreneurship, being managed and run by two sisters, who have left distinctly different professional backgrounds in order to convert their creativity into a business model. Nupur has had extensive experience in research and analytical skills scaling a career with organisations like Servion, IDC, Springboard Research and Forrester. Anjum brings experience from tenure with GE and the social development sector organisations like Third-way Human Rights and Development, Gene Campaign, DevKalpana Imageries, Voice4Girls and PRIA.

A calling brought their individual creative minds together to start their very own enterprise selling uniquely handcrafted and personalized miniature gardens with live plants. Every piece of figurine is carefully designed on paper, then transformed into a shape with polymer clay, and then baked and painted for additional effects. Each figurine requires time, patience and hard work. The next step includes searching for the perfect ceramic planter that would hold an entire scene as has been visualized by the creator. Next is the phase where the type of live plant has to be carefully chosen in order to support the scene as well as survive the city’s weather conditions. The use of a soil mixture which is carefully placed in the planter along with the plant ensures the health of the plant. The figurines scene is set at the end to complete a beautiful and meaningful creation.

Each creation is priced as per the effort expended, time spent and care offered while it was created. These miniature gardens make for a great gift for someone you care for, for your friends and family, for seasonal festivities as well as for a dull looking workstation. We accept individual orders and have recently starting accepting bulk orders as well. Whether it is Christmas or Diwali; please go ahead and try gifting these miniature masterpieces, each one rare in its own way, to your team members. In case there is a creation that you have in mind but couldn't find it on our website, please do get in touch with us and we will tailor make it for you. We would love to hear a suggestion, a feedback or a fresh idea from your end as it would help us immensely to improve or add more to our creations.

Looking we continue to create!

creating green miniature wonders to enliven your home and workspace

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