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Potting Soil

The soil in our miniature garden pots has been carefully mixed to cater to the requirements of the plants and does not require regular fertilization or manuring.


Water the roots (approximately 20ml per plant) and mist-spray the leaves twice a day in dry heat conditions and once a day/alternate day in humid or winter climate. Slowly spray water at the base of the plant so as to avoid displacing the top soil by a heavy splash. Avoid both, under and over-watering the plants. The top soil must stay dry to moist rather than soaking wet.

Natural Light

All plants used in our miniature gardens thrive indoors. Exposure to indirect sunlight (placed in the shaded area of a balcony/terrace) once a week will promote healthy growth and proliferation.

Plant Grooming

These plants can be pruned from the top to maintain shape and size.

Caring for your miniature garden