A nice sunny weekend on a cold winter day with a good supply of chilled beer in a barrel, large beer mugs and a place to sit near a pond is all that is required to make the weekend better. This medium creation depicts handcrafted fish, artificial water, benches and table set on a pebbled ground with a live Shami plant and inch-plant giving the touch of green nature around. Price Rs 2,500/-

Butterflies and Colors

Bring a touch of green with other vibrant colors in your home corner or workstation with this mini creation full of life in the form of handmade butterflies along with a live plant. The low maintenance creeping inch-plant spreads easily and adds real life to the creation. Price Rs 350/-  

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Nature At Its Best

Flamingos also known as ‘wading birds’ love to feed on brine shrimp and blue-green algae. This medium creation captures two handcrafted flamingos wading through artificial water looking for their favourite food. The Variegated Aralia provides the shade of a tree to the scene. Price Rs 1,800/-

Passion Photography

A break from the rigors of daily life and an indulgence in passion photography is what this medium squared creation depicts with an artistically handcrafted camera, tripod, table & bench and a picnic. The live Aralia plant offers the much needed shade from the sun. Price Rs 2,500/-

Green Fingers

This medium elongated creation depicts the paraphernalia required for someone born with green fingers or for someone trying an amateur hand at gardening. The delicately handcrafted gardening tools, gardening boots, water can and all set against a beautiful red brick wall on a pebbled ground give a realistic look to the scene. The two live Variegated Aralia plants give the touch of real life to the scene. Price Rs 2,500/-


Solitude and fishing go hand in hand and give many the moments of peace far away from the day to day routine. This medium elongated creation depicts a handcrafted person fishing at leisure enjoying his moments of silence with his legs dipped in the artificial water. The live Jade plant offers the much needed shade from the sun. Price Rs 1,800/-

Marshy Life

Grasses, rushes or reeds in a marshy wetland supporting small yet adorable living creatures like snails, mushrooms and insects is what this creation defines. Live plants give the real look of a marshy wetland adding the much needed moist air in a dry corner. Price 750/-

Life's Canvas

Creativity is inherent and sometimes adopted, but it’s always the most soothing. Colours on a canvas depicting life and a painter’s paraphernalia under the shade of a live Aralia plant can give definition to a stagnant corner in your study or your workstation. Price Rs 1,250/-

Simple Indian Life

Reconnecting with our roots and the simplicity of life our forefathers led never gets redundant. Touch of creativity recreates an Indian village scene with a small hut, a wheel barrow and an old fashioned well in this creation. A live Jade plant shelters and shades the scene beautifully. Price Rs 1,800/-

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Dream Holiday

Sit back and unwind,
To yourself, be kind,
The spirit of holiday,
We wish, would stay!
A hammock, a book and a cool drink by your side, take the holiday spirit in your stride. This medium creation set in a coffee mug with a live Jade plant gives the holiday season a perfect feel of relaxation and leisure with nature at its best. Price Rs 1,250/-

Birds & Baths

Birds are a sign of hope, of soaring high and of freewill. This medium sized creation depicts a moment of leisure with delicately handcrafted birds and baths resting peacefully under a live Jade tree. The low maintenance Jade plant shelters the scene adding a sense of hope in your favourite corner. Price 800/-

Morning Cuppa

The best time of the day is the morning ‘cuppa chai’, and what could be better than when enjoyed with nature around. This medium elongated creation depicts the cuppa scene with handcrafted easy chairs, table and a wooden screen. The live Jade tree adds the nature’s touch to the scene. Price Rs 1,800/-

Life in a Tree-house

A medium creation depicting a scene from a life lived in a tree-house with a pond at the bottom and surrounded by the lush green foliage offered by the live inch-plant. The live Prosopis Cineraria or Shami plant acts as a tree offering the hut a place to set itself. Price Rs 2,500/-

Simple Swiss Life

A Swiss chalet on a rocky countryside in Switzerland defines the simplistic rural Swiss life with wooden logs ready to be chopped preparing for a dreaded cold winter. The live Asparagus grass adds a touch of life to the scene giving it a forested look. Price Rs 1800/-